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Avoid Unwanted Guests

Our NoBug perimeter pest control service locks them out and keeps them out…all season. Just $40.00 per application.

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The Turf Gro Difference

Our specialty is weeds, but our business is your lawn. And nobody knows Georgia lawns better than Turf Gro. Our people are passionate about great-looking yards, and our work shows it. Keeping your lawn weed-free is a time-consuming task—miss one application and you’ve blown the whole year. Count on Turf Gro to keep it on schedule, and enjoy a green, healthy lawn all season!


Proper lawn care varies from region to region. One solution does not fit all. Big national providers cannot match their applications to the local area as precisely as Turf Gro can. We know the specific challenges Georgia lawns can face, and our formulas are precisely mixed to address those needs. And because we’re in the neighborhood, you can count on us to be there when we’re needed!


Turf Gro is not the only lawn care provider in your area. But we’re pretty confident we’re the best. Our experience in Georgia has resulted in expertly mixed solutions and applications that are proven to be effective in this region. We remain continually dedicated to finding the best ways to treat your lawn, and our success in producing vibrant, lush yards proves it.

Certified Lawn Specialists

Anyone from Turf Gro who is sent to work on your yard is not only certified by the State of Georgia, but has also gone through a rigorous Turf Gro Certification process. The standards we have for our people are higher than any other in Georgia. The result is that whomever shows up at your lawn to represent Turf Gro has extensive training, knowledge and understanding of how to provide the best lawn care service.


Don’t just take our word for it! We don’t like to boast too loudly, but we’re proud of the recognition we have received. We think it shows our customers that we put our words into action. Anyone can say they do great work, but we prove it. And the recognition we have received speaks for itself.